The Mission to be a Listener

I named my business Animal Listener. The key word is “Listener.” I knew the “Animal” part was my passion and love I have for animals but I knew animals are often the key in helping us learn to listen better to ourselves and not just to our four leggers. I see our world losing the ability to listen to each other. That has been so dramatically proven during this election. The gift of not just being an empath but being able to truly listen to individuals allows me to see more readily the collective nature of things. My intuitive nature helps me see how things will often play out. Although I missed seeing the results of this election, I did not miss seeing the disparity and anger people are feeling at being UNHEARD. I use caps because we need to shout how we are feeling to be heard these days. It isn’t just half of America hasn’t felt heard. Most of the world is in that state. This is a world issue.

What I believe is going to happen the next couple of years is going to be a very painful growth opportunity for our country. But it is an opportunity. Where I see hope is in our kids. My nieces and nephews that have been so thoughtful and aware of what is going on in the world and environment. They give me hope and I see their generation ready to step up and take a lead in the direction of their world that we are handing them. I feel terribly guilty that we have handed them a really messy world.

Life is a cycle. Everything in nature, and we are a part of nature, has cycles. This is a cycle. Some swings are more dramatic and we are in that phase of a dramatic swing. The good news is that I believe we will swing back quite quickly. The energy towards the other side of the magnet is so strong. The energy of the youth, the millennial, is so strong that it will cycle back more quickly and it will have a stronger foundation to maintain and recreate a different cycle from here out. This is like the death throws of the old way that we cycled back to this place so hard. We are not going back to horse and buggy or 8 track tape machines. This leadership will not bring back the jobs they want to hang onto. The world is changing and those jobs are going away like the horse and buggy.

Technology is not going away. The millennials are comfortable with technology and get that. And the social equalities that were won over the past few years may take a hard step back but that won’t last long either. Their is enough energy behind them to swing it back. As a matter of fact, all the various more “progressive” directions that we are going to take a step backwards on will only sling shot us to the more progressive side more quickly because the millennials are more open and care more deeply about those issues. They aren’t afraid or resistant to those changes like our generation and parents generation has been and that is now going to lead this country.

It is a natural phase of time where this next generation is ready to take a more leadership role and time for us to make room for them. This generation gets what we are doing to our planet and maybe just as importantly, they are used to strong women and not afraid of their leadership because they have been raised by more independent and strong women mothers and they see women now in all different roles in life from the workplace as well. It is nothing new to them but normal. I see our job as encouraging these young adults to get involved in politics and take on leadership roles. They are not just our future, but our present. It is time to pass the torch onto some of them. We can become the elders to guide and encourage them.

The challenges we face this next cycle will be really hard. I will not sugar coat that in anyway. But what I am seeing is very positive. I see a group of young folks that didn’t seem to care before this election get really fired up. I see them getting really involved and taking responsibility for their future and ours as well and I think we are in pretty good hands. I can’t wait to see what really wise young women and men come out of this. Phoenix’s will rise out of the ashes of this election that will have way more intelligence than what our generation has shown. But one lesson that we must constantly teach them and ourselves is to keep listening! We must work on our listening skill. Just like musicians must practice their instruments to hone their skills, we must do the same with listening. It is a constant tending to and a practice that we get better at when we use it and it weakens when not used. That is my mission to help us continue to practice the art and skill of listening.

Sending Peace and Calm energy to all,



Communicating requires more than talking. The more critical element is the listening piece.