"Cindy is an exceptional intuitive coach and animal whisperer. She gave me a session about my dog, Puglsey, and was able to pick up on many subtle emotions he was experiencing, and help him to release those emotions. It has helped him with anxiety, potty training, and his overall mood. She picked up on specific situations I could validate so I knew she was communicating and connecting with my dog. In 10 years of consulting psychics and mediums, and being around the best of the best, Cindy is by the far the most gifted animal communicator I have ever met."

-Thomas John, psychic, medium, and author of the book Never Argue with a Dead Person: True and Unbelievable Stories from the Other Side

"Cindy has a way of communicating with animals and people that radiates respect and understanding. It resonates in the way her animals respond to us humans - very calm and wanting to interact. Would love to send ALL our animals to Cindy's to learn to trust us as their caretakers. Thanks, Cindy!"  --Barbara and Randy Coleman, Wings and a Prayer Alpacas

"I have to share an update about my knee. My cane has been put away since you worked on my knee at your workshop.  I’ve been to Syracuse, set up, tore down and worked a vendor booth by myself without a twinge of pain.  I’ve walked around Niagara Falls, stairs and all.  I’ve been riding my horse with my grandson – 3 hour trail rides.  Over the holiday weekend, I took 3 grandkids on a hike around our farm which included uneven ground and steep hills. Thank you so much for relieving my pain!"   -- Stacy

“Cindy's subtle mastery of communication with animals goes unnoticed if you are not paying close attention. I have observed her at work with a critically ill alpacas, calming and soothing the animal without saying a word. As she quietly focuses on the area of pain or dis-ease, the creature relaxes into steadier breathing patterns and is able to take in whatever medicine or healing is needed. With her guidance, I have been able to assist in ways I never knew were possible. There is in all of us the capacity for great communication beyond the dictionary and cell phone. Cindy is bold enough to listen and to speak with her mind and heart into that space that animals share with us.” -- Ann Dockendorf, Aragon Alpacas

“Over the last 4 years, Cindy Myers has provided energy work on my animals and when I became injured she routinely sent healing energy towards me. When she worked with my animals what I immediately observed was that they instinctively trusted her. Their body language spoke volumes…opening toward and excepting her energy. Some animals were so relaxed they nodded off to sleep, others came towards her inquisitively. I’m convinced the work she did paved the way for me to build better relationships with my animals.

As I healed from a mild, traumatic brain injury (MTBI) Cindy was able to restore my balance during the height of my symptoms. She would lay her hands on my head and the pain, dizziness & nausea would dissipate. There were times she didn’t physically touch me (due to lack of proximity) yet I could still feel the healing energy flowing into me. It was a powerful experience and I am grateful for her generous spirit!” -- Jackie Lucas, Ridgeview Alpacas

“With an understanding and accepting nature, Cindy is able to connect with alpacas on an almost magical level. I have witnessed a complete transformation in an alpaca’s behavior after working with Cindy. She relates to each animal’s personality, honing in on what that specific animal needs. She creates a loving environment that makes animals feel safe. No wonder they trust her so completely! Perhaps most wonderful is that Cindy truly relishes the presence of animals in her life, and they can sense that. It’s a beautiful relationship to witness. Cindy has a lot of wisdom to offer and is someone I consider a true gift to the alpaca industry.” -- Alison Marschewski, Two Trees Alpacas

The “GrowingYour Intuition and Gaining Animal’s Trust” coaching course was fabulous. I was(and still am) amazed; I never thought I could learn to do it so quickly. Cindy’spersonality makes you so comfortable. Her knowledge and intuitive ability toknow the direction to follow to develop my communication skills was right on. Iappreciated the resources she recommended and her personal life examples. Ihave been practicing with my dogs and I feel we have a closer bond and a deeperunderstanding of each other. Thanks Cindy! -- Marilyn Belt

I met Cindy a few years ago at an alpaca show when I had a juvenile alpaca that was trying to escape his pen at his first show. It was indoors and I think he was freaked by the noise! Cindy offered to do some Reiki on him to calm him down and it worked amazingly….he became calm and was awesome the rest of the weekend.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be with Cindy again last fall at another alpaca show….this time my animals were doing fine so I took the opportunity to have her work on me with her energy work releasing my trapped emotions…..it was a wonderful experience that led to us talking frequently and to me sponsoring her to do an animal communication workshop at the alpaca ranch where I board my alpacas. Not only did we have the largest turnout for a workshop but we all learned so much from her sharing how to communicate with our animals and share calming, healing energy and thereby receiving it back from them!

After that weekend we hit the ground running!! I had Cindy working on releasing more of my trapped emotions but called upon her when one of my prized alpacas who was pregnant appeared to be losing weight and her fleece and we didn't know why. Cindy intuitively guided me to what and where her issues were! She worked on releasing my alpacas trapped emotions at the sight of the infection and guided me to use what I had learned in her workshop to use energy to help my girl heal….I was even communicating with my alpaca to understand what procedures the vet and I had to do to help her so she stood quietly for treatment….the vet couldn't believe it!

Cindy is an amazing healer ~ patient, intuitive and caring! She's my go to person for my animals and myself when I need guidance and healing! -- Tracy Dipippo