Oh No Poop! Why Is My Pet Having Accidents In The House?

     I’ve had a theme with several animal clients the last couple of months. I’ve had a number of pets doing their potty jobs around the house and not where they are suppose to go. I have been getting many issues with cats not going potty in their litter boxes and dogs not going outside to do their “dooties.” This is not just unpleasant for the human companion needing to clean up those messes, but it impacts their lives and even livelihoods if you work out of the house! Many have shared with me that they have taken their pets to the vet and no physical reason for them for this behavior. Ah, but there is a reason! It is called trapped emotions!
     I will be teaching the Animals and Emotions webinar March 3rd at 1pm PST. Even if you have attended this webinar before, you will want to hop on this one. I’m going to discuss this “dooty” theme I’ve been picking up lately with my animal clients and use that theme to show how emotions can impact the behavior and physical state of our pets. Every time I’ve taught this class, people bring up great questions that just add more to topics. No two webinars are ever the same that is for sure! But when I get batches of similar issues, I know it is time to not only learn more about what is going on for myself and my own skills but then share it with all of you! And we will be doing that on Saturday, Mar 3rd.
     To learn how these trapped emotions can create a problem like going potty in inappropriate places and why and how to fix it, join me on my webinar this Saturday!

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Animals and Emotions Webinar
Mar 3, 2018 @ 1 PM PST
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