Nurturing Your Curiosity: Bringing Mindfulness and Awareness More Fully Into Your Life

Perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions I get is whether I always had my intuitive abilities to communicate with animals and do energy work. And my answers is yes and no. I believe that I was always pretty empathic because I had people telling me their problems since I was a very little girl. Adults would just start telling me their very adult problems of divorces and angst over their kids behavior. I never knew why people liked to talk to me but I was always polite and listened even if I didn’t know what a divorce even meant yet! I really became aware of my gifts in my 30’s. And I opened up to it because I was curious after seeing an intuitive energy healer help a friend and if I hadn’t witnessed her work with my own eyes, I’d never have believed what I saw. But that experience made me curious and I thought it be very cool if I could do something like that yet, I never really imagined that I actually would be doing just that.

When I began becoming aware that I was experiencing others’ physical pain, it was rather unnerving but there was also this curiosity about it too. I wanted to know how it worked and could I learn to use it for the benefit of others? From there it was a matter of nurturing that curiosity and listening to when I needed to get to a bookstore and find myself marching down the aisle to just the “right” book and open it up and read exactly what I needed to read in that moment. I’m sure other patrons thought I was a little daft for giggling reading stuff in the self-help and metaphysical aisles!

One of the many gifts I have received by opening up to this intuitive gift is appreciating being in the moment more. Those moments when my energy field is impacting others is really special to notice in the moment. And I have trained myself to be open about it and stop and listen instead of plowing through life being in the busy brain mode all the time. I still spend plenty of time in that state like most do but I have taught myself to stop and listen when that little intuitive nudge hits. Just a few moments ago, I dropped off a package at the post office to be mailed. I sat it on the scale and the clerk started to type in the info and his computer froze and he muttered, “It was working fine all day. Hmmm.” Well I happen to know that sometimes my energy field likes to zap electronics so I took a step back and it still wasn’t working so I took another step back. He kind of gave me an odd look but his computer started working again and I smiled and chuckled. These moments can be as benign as that and sometimes they are much more meaningful and depthful and each one requires a little curiosity and wonder. What are you doing to nurture your curiosity?