“My Cat is Peeing All Over My House!” Desperate Cat Owners Plea for Help From an Animal Communicator


I’ve had quite a number of clients that contact me for help because their cat is peeing outside their litter box and around the house instead. The cats have been fully examined by their veterinarian including blood panels and come back physically healthy and told it is a behavioral issue and not a medical one. They are frustrated, concerned and at a loss on knowing how to get their cats to stop peeing everywhere. In desperation, they call me. I find I’m the last ditch call for many who just have no where else to turn.

The vast majority of these cats are rescue cats and as soon as I talk with their owners a few minutes, I am pretty sure I can help them with releasing trapped emotions that occurred prior to coming to these loving homes. When I do the releasing of trapped emotions, so far, it has been 100% of them that I have released the emotion of “Unsupported.” The other emotions may vary but I have yet to NOT release that one emotion of unsupported. There are often layers of that single emotion and it is like peeling the layers off an onion to remove enough of that trapped emotion to help modify the behavior.  It certainly makes sense that they were not supported in having a healthy loving life before they came to these new safe and loving homes.  Some of these cats have had a lot of trauma prior to coming to these wonderful homes.

The next step in helping these cats is try to and determine if there is a trigger that started the behavior. Talking with the owner and communicating with the cat, we often discover the underlying issue that got them upset. Most of these underlying issues are related to the attachment to their person or some change in their routine. The cat’s person went out of town and shortly after, the peeing began. Or, someone had a lot of visitors come for a family function and although the cat seemed to do fine, it was soon after that it started to pee outside the box.  I’ve also had cases where there was remodeling of the home occurring and the turmoil and changes happening in the environment was the catalyst to the peeing about the house.

Fortunately, the releases and understanding the underlying issue has remedied the situation the vast majority of times. I often give recommendations to the owners for things they can do if their cat has anxiety or gets upset if they go out of town or they have me communicate with their cat while they are gone to help release the anxiety and let them know all is well and owners will be back soon. We try and provide the cat another means of communicating to their owners when they are experiencing anxiety or upset so the owner will recognize it BEFORE the cat has to resort to being “pissed off” and start piddling up the house.

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