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Cindy Myers

Cindy Myers is an intuitive energy coach and animal communicator. She works with humans to discover what subconscious emotional blocks you have and coaches you how to build bridges between the unconscious and conscious mind.She provides simple tools and techniques that help you move forward from those fear based, stuck emotions.

WEBINAR: November 14th @6pm PST!

Emotions have energy and so do our words. Becoming more aware of how our thoughts, emotions and words we choose can affect our habits as well as our physical well-being. We often don't realize how our words create energetic blockages that can lead to unhealthy patterns and even physical pain.




  • Wednesday, November 14th
  • 6 pm PST

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Once we recognize how our thoughts and words affect ourselves and others, wouldn't you want to shift those habits to a more healthy pattern? In this webinar, we will discuss how to do that using simple techniques to learn.

We will discuss how:

  • Our attitudes, thoughts and words do indeed matter in what kind of energy frequencies we have coursing through our bodies as well as transmitting out to others
  • We have unconscious thoughts running through our minds all day long and don't realize what impact they have on ourselves or others, including our pets!

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