Cindy's Services To Humans

Human Starter Package

Do you feel sluggish, overwhelmed, anxious, or just "blah" in general?  A lot of that negative, exhausting, energy happens because we have a trapped emotion in our body that is weighing us down. I can help you get back to "normal" or even better!  During this package, some of the things we work on together include:

  • Releasing trapped emotions
  • Removing emotional baggage
  • Supporting your body in healing from injury or illness
  • Reducing pain
  • Breaking down emotional barriers preventing you from achieving goals and that are impacting relationships.

What is included:

1 (45 minute) phone session where I will get to know you and what is coming up with you and help you to work through it.

After the initial phone session, you will have email access to me for up to 5 days to ask any questions that may come up after the session.

Follow up 15 minute phone session to go over things that have come up as well since our first session.  Must be used within 30 days of first session.

This Service is $150

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Human Tune Up Package

If you have worked with me before and just feel like you need a little added support from time to time this is the package for you.  (This is NOT for someone that has never worked with me before or that needs more intensive support)

What is included/what to expect:

  • Four Individual 15 minute Energy Sessions
  • Balancing of your energy field after each session
  • Must be used within 120 days of purchase

This package is $150

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Human Intuitive Energy Clearing Package

Do you feel like you are in need of some energy clearing sessions but don't need the really big package and have a little more to go over than the tune up package?  This is the package for you.

Using simple techniques you can become more attuned to your body and feel empowered knowing you don’t have to be controlled by those pesky emotions.

What you get/what to expect:

  • Four different intuitive sessions releasing trapped emotions making up your “Heart-wall” done by email so can fit into your busy hectic life easily! No scheduling needed other than initial phone consult call.
  • Coaching is available to help change outlook and attitude on life issues, uncover subconscious blocks and barriers to your goals, help you create new healthier habits, tips on dealing with stress and difficult situations and people, coaching to help you understand and use your own intuitive abilities.
  • Email correspondence with Cindy to ask questions and get support in changing old patterns and creating new positive, healthier habits.
  • Initial phone consult to discuss how our emotions work and get trapped in our bodies leading to both physical and negative and undesirable behavioral patterns. We focus on coaching on how to attract what you DO want
  • Balancing of your energy field after each session releasing trapped emotions

"I have to share an update about my knee. My cane has been put away since you worked on my knee at your workshop.  I’ve been to Syracuse, set up, tore down and worked a vendor booth by myself without a twinge of pain.  I’ve walked around Niagara Falls, stairs and all.  I’ve been riding my horse with my grandson – 3 hour trail rides.  Over the holiday weekend, I took 3 grandkids on a hike around our farm which included uneven ground and steep hills. Thank you so much for relieving my pain!"   -- Stacy

This package is valued at $500 but you can get it for just $475

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Human Accelerated Package: One Year of Energy Work

Are you ready for a year of Energy Clearing that could help you change your whole outlook on life?

Energy Clearing is a key component to living the life of your dreams.  You can't move forward when your energy is stuck on something negative that happened in the past!

What you get/what to expect:

  • One session every month for an entire year and you book the session on a date and time that is convenient for you right from my online scheduler.  (No hassle of emails back and forth!)
  • You get 12 sessions but for the price of only 10 sessions.  So that means you get two months free!
  • We work steadily on any issues you may be experiencing
  • We focus on preventative and wellness and try and keep things from becoming an issue
  • Email support ALL year long.  If you have questions or concerns, email me and I can give coaching thoughts on working through those issues
  • Learn how to use your own intuition and practice your skills between monthly sessions

Over the last 4 years, Cindy Myers has provided energy work on my animals and when I became injured she routinely sent healing energy towards me. When she worked with my animals what I immediately observed was that they instinctively trusted her. Their body language spoke volumes…opening toward and excepting her energy. Some animals were so relaxed they nodded off to sleep, others came towards her inquisitively. I’m convinced the work she did paved the way for me to build better relationships with my animals.

As I healed from a mild, traumatic brain injury (MTBI) Cindy was able to restore my balance during the height of my symptoms. She would lay her hands on my head and the pain, dizziness & nausea would dissipate. There were times she didn’t physically touch me (due to lack of proximity) yet I could still feel the healing energy flowing into me. It was a powerful experience and I am grateful for her generous spirit!” -- Jackie Lucas, Ridgeview Alpacas

This package is $1800.00

You can also break it into 5 payments of $375 a month for the first 5 months

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Human Services Try It Out Session

This service will include a 15 minute phone call with Cindy. This is perfect if you are new to working with Cindy and just not sure how it works and want to give it a test session to see how it works and if it is right for you. We will be able to do some emotional clearings and balance your energy system.

This is also perfect if you have worked with me before and just need a quick tune-up but don’t want to invest in the larger packages right now.

If this is your first time buying a service from me, after your purchase of any of my services, you should receive an automatic email with a link to my scheduling system. Just select the time you’d like me to call and provide the best phone number for me to reach you and I will call you at that time! You should receive email reminders for our appointment as will I to make sure we connect.  If you have information you want me to know ahead of time, you have an area to provide some information about your situation. Just click below and we can get started!

This Service is $75

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