Emotions are Like Chocolate Chip Cookies

Forest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” How I like to explain how emotions work are like a batch of chocolate chip cookies. We all have lots of emotions all day long. We know when we are happy, sad, depressed, anxious, angry, or joyful. But do we ever really think about what an emotion really is? We use an experience to describe the emotions but physiologically or energetically, do we think about what an emotion is and how it works? I know I didn’t. I never gave it much thought until I started doing this intuitive energy work and specializing in releasing trapped emotions.

If you Google Chocolate Chip cookie recipes, you come up with millions of recipes. There are lots of variations. You can have nuts, different flavored chips too. My mom use to put in pudding in her variation. Our English language is very limiting especially where emotions are concerned. We have lots of variations of each emotion. Take Love for example. We can love our partner, our pet, the house we live in, we can love those chocolate chip cookies! For a negative emotion like anxiety, we can be anxious about going to the dentist, driving down the freeway, taking a test, or being in harms way. Each one is similar but has its own variation.

Emotions are really simply some chemicals our body creates or brews up when we are having an experience. It’s like we have a master chef that realizes what experiences we are going through, pulls out the recipe card for that experience and whips a batch of whatever emotion that experience requires. But it really is just some biochemicals. Since there is a physical object, we can break that down to its molecular and atomic components. When we do that, we can put it in terms of energy. Since once we put anything into that level of existence, it really is some form of energy.

Going back to our cookie metaphor. If you eat one cookie, you can probably burn off the calories without much issue. You won’t see the scale budge much if at all. However, if you eat an entire batch in one sitting, you probably can’t burn those calories off and you will probably see that scale increase. Our emotions work similarly. Those normal emotions we have throughout the day, we burn off with our regular activities, however, when we have stronger emotions in the day, it is like eating that entire batch of cookies. We can’t process out all those chemicals with our daily activities so those chemicals remaining have to go somewhere just like the whole batch of cookies that land in our thighs or hips! In other words, I believe emotion chemicals act just like food calories. And when those emotions get trapped in our tissues, we wind up storing our issues in our tissues.

These emotions have a electromagnetic property to them and like a magnet, they will attract similar emotions to where they originally get trapped. They can build up and those can lead to a weakness in our body or create undesirable behavioral patterns or habits. These emotions also have a collective component. What I mean by that is that we have a personal experience from these emotions but they can affect those around us in our local environment, our home, our workplace, AND, they can actually impact the bigger world as well. It has a rippling effect. Have you ever been near someone that is really angry? Do you feel happy around them or can you easily get mad too. Or on the contrary, if you are really happy, have you noticed others start to get happy too?

I have an alpaca farm. When I’m in a really crabby mood and just had a bad day and I take it with me outside when I go to feed them, I would say 9 times out of 10, I get spat on and kicked as I feed them! However, when I’m in a good mood and happy and letting that emotion emanate from me, I get kissed! Alpacas are highly intuitive and pick up our emotional state very easily. We humans are just not as aware or conscious of it, however, we too are picking up others’ emotional state and absorbing it as well. Learning to listen and be mindful and aware of our emotions is so important in living a healthier life. Learning to remove these trapped emotions, working to live in the higher more positive emotional state means having less trapped emotions in our bodies which often means we don’t get sick or hurt as often. Plus it ripples out and makes our environment around us much healthier and happier as well. Life still may happen but there is a much more positive outlook in dealing with those issues that we face.

Caroline Myss talks about how this works in some of her books. She wrote how during the depression, the major illness this country faced was polio. People were paralyzed by the horrible economy and lack of jobs. And the epidemic this country dealt with was an illness that paralyzed people. Today, our ozone is being harmed by the pollution and major illnesses many face are related to auto-immune diseases. The ozone is like our planet’s protection or immunity from the harmful radiation of the sun. And what illness is related to that? Auto-immune disorders. Our individual emotional state becomes a community emotional state which can lead to a global or environmental state. When we work on improving ourselves, we work on improving our community and our environment. When we can remove our trapped emotions, we heal ourselves and others.