Developing New Intuitive Skills

I promised myself many years ago that I would continually push myself to work on my personal growth.  I knew if I kept that promise that I could fulfill my one main goal in life.  My goal is to be able to say when I take my last breath in this life, that I’d have as few regrets as possible and also know that I gave it my best to be my best.  That means I would have to push myself to learn and grow and never let fear or other excuses stop me.  When I honor that oath, I find that I do indeed grow and from that growth, I’ve become a better person not just to myself but to others.

No more is that true than in my intuitive work.  That too grows and expands as I do my own internal work.  Being able to work almost daily on a lot of different people and animals provides the opportunities to grow.  I learn each time I work on someone.  I find that when I am to learn or grow my skills, I get it in patterns of three.  I will get three clients (often a mix of human and animal) with similar issues and I am given the opportunity to refine and hone those skills.  It can be a general aspect or it can get very specific.  I can get several clients with knee issues for example and I will learn more about the frequencies and issues related to knees but then later I will get three with more specific knee issues and I will learn in a deeper and more refined way the minute differences I experienced with the general knee problems to the more specific knee issues.  By being open to learning and growing allows me to be better at serving others.

Some intuitive folks are born with their gifts and they just have used them from day one like it is just like any other sense they may have.  But for many of us, these gifts get “turned on” later in life.  In some ways, I think those of us that have it turned on later, there is a different appreciation for them.  And, I must admit, there was even some fear of these gifts in the beginning.  But with lots of practice and using these gifts, the fear has gone away and now the growth has continued and increased.

In my last blog, I wrote about recommending books written by the Medical Intuitive, Carolyn Myss.  I was fortunate to attend a seminar she did and one of the gold nuggets I took from that day was that I should be able to meditate any time, any place, anywhere.  I’ve really practiced that skill and it has been an important routine of mine not to have a routine!  Working with animals, you are rarely in a nice quiet room with candles and aromatherapy and new age music going on after all!  When I work with my alpacas on my farm, I’m in the pasture.  Having an alpaca in my house is just not a good idea for them or for me!  Being able to meditate and listen to my intuition at any time, any place, anywhere, allows me to be open and in very different situations.  It truly is a good practice.

Recently my intuitive healing work has expanded into me doing a deep trance.  I will go into this trance and spirit guides appear that are very strong healers.  As a result of my practice of any time, any place, anywhere meditations, I have also grown to be able to place myself into a trance and still be able to talk to clients over the phone.  This multi-tasking is very challenging to be able to hear what clients sometimes ask, and stay in that very deep state.  I’ve been using this trance technique to assist people (and animals) that have extreme pain issues that are from old injuries.  For example I have on client that is dealing with pain from scoliosis.  My work supports the body’s natural abilities to heal.  However, some issues like scoliosis may not have a cure but what we have been able to achieve is reducing the pain, reducing the pain for longer periods and allowing individuals more activity levels which is huge for them.

What I realized doing this trance technique was that I had become habituated to going to my comfortable easy chair to go into the trance.  Today, as I was doing my morning alpaca chores, I thought, I want to start practicing my trance work at different times and locations.  I have an alpaca, named Sacagawea, that is permanently lame.  She had an infection many years ago in her stifle joint.  We were able to save her leg and her, but it left her permanently lame.  It has since become more arthritic and I can tell at times, she is in some degree of pain and discomfort.  I thought perhaps this technique of going into a trance with spirit guides coming into do their healing work might help my alpaca.

Sacagawea was cushed (laying with her legs folded under her) in the shade of my big pine trees.  I went to her and decided to stand while going into my trance.  I intuitive asked her if I may work with her.  She looked right at me and my body swayed forward indicating she said yes (read my book 5 Steps to Animal Communication if you are interested in learning more about the sway muscle test to communicate with animals).  I closed my eyes and waited to see if a spirit guide would appear.  So far they always enter and appear from my left side. I saw a spirit enter and I could feel my left leg begin to ache and I noticed that I started to stand like she does with just my left toes on the ground and not my entire foot.  That is how she stands.  I saw the spirit guides do a technique I have seen them do on others working on Sacagawea’s stifle joint.  Then I felt an ache in my right leg as it was working extra hard to support the other side.  Another spirit entered who has appeared before to work with pain issues and they placed what I have interpreted as a time capsule like healing agent that helps ease pain for longer periods.  They placed this pain agent in the left stifle joint and then in the right leg which is also experiencing arthritic like pain.

When we started, Sacagawea was cushed with two other alpacas.  When I opened my eyes from the trance, every alpaca in that group (ten alpacas) were standing there surrounding Sacagwea and all were staring at me intently!  I chuckled out loud and knew they were not only picking up what was going on, but their circling around Sacagawea is also their way of protecting her from this new experience as well as helping to send more energy to her and receive it themselves.  They are so good at the intuitive energy work.  I’m so grateful to be living with alpacas so that I can just go out to my fields and practice when I have a new idea or want to grow a skill. They are so wonderful to support me in doing that!


My alpaca Sacagawea.