Animal Starter Package

Have you ever looked at your pet and wondered what it was thinking at that moment?  Maybe it's looking at you a little funny and you don't know why.  Maybe it's mad at you but you don't know what you did.  Maybe its scared and you aren't quite sure of what.  Wouldn't it help if you could communicate with your pet in a way that would make it easier for you to help your pet?  Of Course!!

If you are new to animal communication and energy work, this is the package you will want to start out on.

What you get and what you can expect:

Single 45 minute Phone Session - in this session, I will get to know more about your pet as well as work on issues that come up during the session.  The session will help your pet to:

  • Release trapped emotions
  • Remove emotional baggage (yes, pets get that too!)
  • Support their body in healing from injury or illness
  • Reduce pain

After the initial phone session, you will have email access to me for up to 5 days to ask any questions that may come up after the session.

Follow up 15 minute phone session to go over things that have come up as well since our first session.  Must be used within 30 days of first session.

This package is $150.00

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Animal Tune Up Package

Have you worked with me before and just feel like your pet could use a little extra support from time to time?  This is the package for you.

What you will get/what to expect:

  • Four Individual 15 minute Energy Sessions
  • Balancing of your pet's energy field after each 15 minute session (only one pet per session)
  • Must be used within 120 days of purchase

This package is $150

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Intuitive Pet Sitting Service

Does your pet get anxious when you go out of town?  Do you worry what they are doing or how they are coping?  Do they show undesirable behaviors when you return?  Do they have accidents in the house after or chew up belongings?  Many of these are signs of angst they experienced while you were gone.

When I work intuitively with your pet, I tap into your pet and can communicate to them what is going on, when you will return and release the emotional anxiety they are experiencing.  They often show much more calm and less behavioral issues during and after your return home.

What this service entails:

  • One 15 minute phone call consult to discuss what issues you have experienced with your pet on previous trips
  • Up to 4 check ins over a 1 week period with your pet
  • 1 week of email support during and after your trip so if you have questions or concerns or need a little more support with your pet, I can provide that.

Cost is $75

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Animal Services Single 15-minute Session

This service will include a 15 minute phone call with Cindy. This is perfect if you are new to working with Cindy and just not sure how it works and want to give it a test session to see how it works and if it is right for you. We will be able to do some emotional clearings and balance your energy system.

This is also perfect if you have worked with me before and just need a quick tune-up but don’t want to invest in the larger packages right now.

If this is your first time buying a service from me, after your purchase of any of my services, you should receive an automatic email with a link to my scheduling system. Just select the time you’d like me to call and provide the best phone number for me to reach you and I will call you at that time! You should receive email reminders for our appointment as will I to make sure we connect.  If you have information you want me to know ahead of time, you have an area to provide some information about your situation. Just click below and we can get started!

This package is $75.00

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