When I recognized that I was an empath and that I could not only feel people and animals’ emotions and physical state but I could help them with their issues, I thought that was pretty cool. I wanted to learn more and get better at it. I’ve spent a lot of years training myself and honing my skills and I plan to continue doing so as long as I am capable of doing that.

When I hear someone or their pet is suffering, gosh, it is hard not to want to help. I’ve had backaches and they are the worst. It is plain hard to function when in that level of pain. Wouldn’t you want help if you were in that kind of pain? Wouldn’t you want to find help for a loved one if they were in that kind of pain?

I’m not a 100% effective. No one is. But boy, if it can help knock down the pain, leave no side-effects and allow the healing to take hold so you can function, wouldn’t you want to try that? Our society has ingrained us into believing that healing takes time. I’m not saying don’t consult your doctor. No way. I use my medical practitioners. But I also use my tools on myself. I use my tools for my clients and we find that sometimes, when they come to me, we can get them on their way to healing much more quickly. Those who are desperate because they have tried everything else and nothing else has worked, out of shear desperation, they try me. And, lo and behold, they start feeling better. Or their pet turns the corner and act more themselves.

Just recently, I got a urgent call from a new client. They had their dog to the vet and the vet sent them home saying there was nothing more to be done. They were heartbroken and desperate to try anything. They came across my name and contacted me. I do 99% of my work over the phone so I got on the phone with them right away and began my energy work on their dog. The symptoms eased for a few hours and then returned. One session wasn’t enough, but that one session showed me that the energy work could make a change, so I felt we should keep trying. The dog perked up more after the second session and was more mobile and ate better. We did a third quick 15 minute session. The next day, I heard back that the dog had taken a half mile walk with their owners, ate and eliminated perfectly and they were all quite happy. I haven’t heard back since so pretty sure all is still going well or I’d have heard!

I encourage people to try different modalities. The more tools you have, the better in my philosophy. Sometimes I use every single tool to help my animals, myself and my clients. I refer my clients to different modalities and people that may have expertise that I feel could benefit them where I may not. I’m one tool that I hope people will include in their box of wellness.