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Cindy Myers

Cindy Myers is an animal listener and intuitive coach who helps you build trust with your animals.

WEBINAR:  January 30th at 6:00 PM PST!

Is fear holding you back from living your authentic truth? Join me for "Issues in the Tissues: How Fear Gets Trapped in our Bodies" where we will discover how fear affects our daily life including our abilities and our relationships.

On Wednesday, January 17th, I will be holding a completely free Webinar focusing on how our unconscious mind works and how important it is to build a bridge to awareness whether we wish to communicate intuitively with our pets more effectively or grow our own psychic abilities or just live more authentic lives. Awareness is step one. I'll be doing intuitive readings and demos for people and/or their pets at the end of the webinar and try and try to get to as many as possible.

As I said, the Issues in the Tissues: How Fear Gets Trapped in our Bodies Webinar is completely free. You just need to sign up for an invite and I will immediately send your login information. I’ll also send you two reminders of the webinar, one the day before and another one hour before the webinar begins.  




  • Tuesday, January 30th
  • 6 pm PST

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By strengthening your animal communication abilities, you will be able to help your pet release trapped emotions, get rid of emotional baggage, and much more.

In this webinar, we will answer questions such as:

  • Do you wonder what your animals are feeling?
  • Can your pets absorb your emotions?
  • How can you help your pets during times of stress?

Get Your Questions Answered, Watch Live Demos, and More!


We value your privacy and would never spam you