One Year of Energy Work

Are you ready for a year of Energy Clearing that could help you change your whole outlook on life?

Energy Clearing is a key component to living the life of your dreams.  You can't move forward when your energy is stuck on something negative that happened in the past!

Here's what you will receive:

  • One session every month for an entire year and you book the session on a date and time that is convenient for you right from my online scheduler.  (No hassle of emails back and forth!)
  • You get 12 sessions but for the price of only 10 sessions.  So that means you get two months free!
  • We work steadily on any issues you may be experiencing
  • We focus on preventative and wellness and try and keep things from becoming an issue
  • Email support ALL year long.  If you have questions or concerns, email me and I can give coaching thoughts on working through those issues

Over the last 4 years, Cindy Myers has provided energy work on my animals and when I became injured she routinely sent healing energy towards me. When she worked with my animals what I immediately observed was that they instinctively trusted her. Their body language spoke volumes…opening toward and excepting her energy. Some animals were so relaxed they nodded off to sleep, others came towards her inquisitively. I’m convinced the work she did paved the way for me to build better relationships with my animals.

As I healed from a mild, traumatic brain injury (MTBI) Cindy was able to restore my balance during the height of my symptoms. She would lay her hands on my head and the pain, dizziness & nausea would dissipate. There were times she didn’t physically touch me (due to lack of proximity) yet I could still feel the healing energy flowing into me. It was a powerful experience and I am grateful for her generous spirit!” -- Jackie Lucas, Ridgeview Alpacas


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